Monday, December 22, 2008

Month Ending December 2008

Hi Christmas and New year approaching soon, definitely broker will close....So today will be my last day of trading for this month.....not bad for this month...manage to grow 19% with profits of US951.52...

Will resume back trading on 5 January 2008 and surely will post SS daily...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all......!!!!!!!!

I'm in the process of filling up withdrawal form and would like to enjoy my money...currently I'm in Malaysia.....Profits of US951.51 convert to my country currency, Ringgit Malaysia equivalent to RM3, I would like to spend it during this festive season.....YAHOOOO..!!!!

**Counter below I reset it to US5k back as per beginning capital but I add up the withdrawal to date as I would like to enjoy my earnings.....

Starting Balance : US 5,000
Current Balance : US5,000
Percentage growth : 0%
Withdrawal so far : US951.51

22 December 2008 I promise to update you guys regarding the status of my Friday's trading...As per SS, managed to closed it at US108 profits....

So, today's profits US112 as per SS attached.....

Happy trading and have a nice day..!!!

Today's Profit : US112
Starting Balance : US 5,000
Current Balance : US5,951.77
Percentage growth : 19.04%

Saturday, December 20, 2008

19 December 2008 - Update

As per SS, my position for the day (19 December 2008) hasn't close yet....As Saturday and Sunday market close, most probably it will hit TP by Monday if the market goes smoothly and directional.....

Will update on Monday the status of this trade....

Have a good weekend everyone.....

Today's Profit : Still under monitoring
Starting Balance : US 5,000
Current Balance : US5,839.77
Percentage growth : 16.80%

Friday, December 19, 2008

Current Balance As of Today

Finished updating my previous SS of trading history.....

As above are the current balance of my live trading account....As you can see, there is 2 new position which still open for today 19 December 2008...will update you guys when this position closed...

Something when wrong on my calculation but the differences are not that calculation balance will be US5,836.50 but on my SS the balance showing as US5,839.77...hem...I will re-calculate back when I got time....but as for now...we taking the figure as per current screen shot..

Will update later...

Today's Profit : Still under monitoring
Starting Balance : US 5,000
Current Balance : US5,839.77
Percentage growth : 16.80%

15 December 2008

Still forgetting another day....15 December 2008

Today's Profit : US55.50
Starting Balance : US 5,000
Current Balance : US5,836.50
Percantage growth : 16.73%

16 December 2008

I'm forgot to input my trading on 16 December 2008...This are the SS from trading on 16 December 2008 which resulting in profits of US124.00

Today's Profit : US124
Starting Balance : US 5,000
Current Balance : US5,781.00
Percantage growth : 15.62%

18 December 2008

Yesterday was a great day for trading in forex. Normally I trade in GBP/USD only because there will not interact with each other..hehehe....they will always fight for each la just kidding...

It is because based on my observation and m trading style, this 2 pairs will always make a movements and will not stay at certain point only.....I style of trading...will be my secret but I can only say it is a break out strategy I obtain and manage to dig from my good friend..

As you can see, I manage to bag US76 dollar for the day....
At least better then nothing...

Have a nice day everyone...!!!

Today's Profit : US76
Starting Balance : US 5,000
Current Balance : US5,657.00
Percantage growth : 13.14%

17 December 2008

17 December 2008

As you can view my SS, I manage to get US99.50.....

For those still new in my blog....this is a SS from my Live Forex Trading Acc with Interbank FX.

I'm done for the day...

Happy trading...!!!!

Today's Profit : US99.50
Starting Balance : US 5,000
Current Balance : US5,581.00
Percantage growth : 11..62%

2nd week of December (8/12/08 - 12/12/08)

This are the SS for the second week of December of my live trading with Interbank FX.

This week manage to get US347.....

All of it based on my US5k capital with proper money management.

Starting Balance : US 5,000
Weekly Balance : US5,481.50
Percantage growth : 9.63%

First week of December (1/12/08 - 4/12/08)


As time past by, every single day of my SS from beginning of the month will make my life more complicated. As for that, I just summarize it to weekly profits...Hope it's fine.

As you can see, my weekly profits minus the withdrawal will be US1,556.00

Let me explain one by one why and how I got that figure....
Actually for starting week of December....I only manage to get US 134.50 only...Dont count in the 1 December and 28 November as those as my last month profits..

Start counting on 2 December 2008 until 4 December 2008 which will resauting in profits of US134.50.

As if you new to my site, feel free to read my profile to get more details of what i'm doing....thanks

Starting Balance : US 5,000
Weekly Balance : US 5134.50
Percentage growth : 2.69%

Intro To My Blog

Hello and hi to all my dear friends and readers......I'm new to this blogging activities but I will try my best to post my daily profits...

As of today, 19 December 2008 and reaching month end, I will try to post my early month profits from Forex.

I will start posting my SS from 1 December 2008 until today buy please give me some time to upload it all....hehehe...lot of work to do...hope you guys understand....

My target......make first million...hehehhe.....

Enjoy reading my blog.....together we can make the difference....!!!!