Monday, April 6, 2009

6 April 2009

Hello's your weekends??...great?? just a normal weekends...playing RC and spend time with family....

Back to managed to bag in US177.21....Market in good conditions and straight forward....

As per SS, balance showing as US8, profits of US392.46 for month of April...still long way to this month 40% from profits.....

Pray for me....

Today's Profit : US177.21
Starting Balance : US8,000
Current Balance : US8,392.46
Percentage growth : 4.91%

Thursday, April 2, 2009

2 April 2009

Hi guys...quick update..profit for today..US220.75...Nice one since market make a big move... Tomorrow no trading for me...because I don't take chances from NFP could be against you or follow your direction...I don't trade news because I don't know how...hehehe

Will update next week then....happy weekends and have a nice day..!!!

Info For Managed Account Client

For those under my managed account, there is an updates regarding Multi-terminal provided by IBFX. Please consult or contact me for further info. Besides that you can email me at

We will sent out an email informing this updates personally to each one of you guys. Please bear with me because there are huge number of you guys, so I need some time to sent out an email.

That's all guys...