Thursday, March 8, 2012

8 Mac 2012

Today...8 Mac 2012, managed to get US7.82. SO far so good for this month of Mac. Still got a pending orders active. Will update later for further info. Bye

Total Deposit : US1,000.87
Today's Profit : US7.82
Profits to date : US24.07
Growth : 2.49%
Balance : 1,024.94

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

6 March 2012

Hi guys...a quick update from me. Today, 6 March 2012, managed to get a solid profits of US7.03 shown as per SS attached.

So my balance for today becomes US1,017.12. Thanks for dropping by....See u again soon....

Total Deposit : US1,000.87
Today's Profit : US7.03
Profits to date : US16.25
Growth : 1.63%
Balance : 1,017.12

Friday, March 2, 2012

2 March 2012

Hi managed to get US6.31. Not bad for second day trading in month of March.

As you can see, now my balance is US1,010.09. Great start for this month. Anyway, hope you guys have a great weekend. Bye.....

Total Deposit : US1,000.87
Today's Profit : US6.31
Profits to date : US9.22
Growth : 0.92%
Balance : 1,010.09

1 March 2012

Today, 1st March 2012, managed to get US2.91. Target for this month 10% from my capital.

Total Deposit : US1,000.87
Today's Profit : US2.91
Profits to date : US2.91
Growth : 0.29%
Balance : 1,003.80

Thursday, March 1, 2012

February 2012 Trading you can the beginning of the month, i've deposited US200 only. Just to refresh my memory about forex trading as I've left it for quite sometimes.

At the end of February, I've managed to bag in US18.33, a growth of 9%. Last night, i've deposited another US782.00 and now my capital in my forex account become US1,000.00. Will start trading in month of Mac with a capital of USD1,000.00.

End of February :

Total Deposit : US200
Profits to date : US18.33
Growth : 9.17%